Legitimate Rape

Todd Akin
Dear Todd Akin,
I am composing this letter to you and anyone who believes some of the worthless drivel that comes out of your mouth.

I hope with all my heart that you do not have a daughter, a wife, a sister, a niece, an aunt or a mother you love. I am assuming you do not and if you do I hope they are never assaulted.

I heard recently that you made a comment stating that if it was a "legitimate rape" there would be no need for an abortion because the body has ways of dealing with that.


Ok let us start slowly here...

Do you honestly believe that statement? By saying that you are saying that any woman who reports a rape and gets pregnant did not get raped.

Oh that is not what you meant... Let me guess you think women will use the excuse "I got raped" to justify an abortion. I have news for you. The number of women who lie about being raped is much lower then number who do not report having been raped.

Oh you did not know that. Did you also not know that most women are raped before the age of 18? Which in most states is the age for consent.

( I used women in this letter because men do not need abortions. I know either gender can be raped.)

Oh you did not know that?
Are you also unaware that the process for reporting a rape is horrible.
After you have already been violated you have to answer probing questions about your sex life and sexual partners. They will also ask you multipletimes if you said no or fought back. Bought asked why you were dressed like that and why you were where you were.

You have to strip naked in a room with some one watching.
Then you have to stand there while the photograph you injuries while still naked.
Then they comb your hair and cut your finger and toenails so they can collect evidence of your attacker.
After that you lay on a bed and they do a gyneocological exam on you. I have to tell you that after you have been raped the last thing you want in there is a speculum.

So now that we have got the basic facts of how a rape exam goes how does one go about proving a "Legitimate rape"?

Do I have to not be able to sit down for a week due to the extensive bruises on the genitals and surrounding areas?
Is the fact that I was a VIRGIN and UNDERAGE taken into account?
Is the fact he out weighed me taken into account?
Should I have to let him actually crush my wind pipe while he had his hand squeezing my throat so I could not speak?
Should I have kept fighting when he placed the knife against my skin and threatened to cut the artery if I kept fighting?
Should I have had a camera crew follow me around my whole life just so when I did get pregnant I had proof it was not consensual?
If I had had a camera crew there when I was being raped do I have to just send the tape to you? Do I take it to my doctor when I go in for prenatal care? If I do have an abortion do I have to take it withe then too?
Should I have asked the rapist to sign a piece of paper stating that I fought hard, begged him not to do it, told him I was too young, cried as he hurt me, only stopped fighting when my life was in danger, and that it was not consensual sex?
Should the rapist also have to sign saying I was not dressed provocativly?

When my pregnancy with the child I conceived from that attack began having troubles in utero how far should I have had to go to keep the pregnancy viable at risk to my own life and career and my ability to ever have children of my own?

What about the second time I was raped?
Can I still fight for it to be considered a "legitimate rape"?
I know it was the second time it happened so it must be my fault, right?
Is it still my fault if I know self defense?
Try never to be alone anywhere?
Was just studying and happened to have to use the restroom at the wrong time?
My fault that he drugged me and tied me up?
My fault for dressing too sexy in a baggy pair of jeans and an old ratty sweat shirt?

Just wondering how to prove my rapes were legitimate despite the fact that both times I was raped I conceived a child.

Can I collect money from the rapist or you for the prenatal care and treatments I needed? For the loss of time at work due to the pregnancy? Who pays for me to give the child away to a loving family?

Who pays for the PTSD I suffer to this day because of what happened to me?

Once again I really feel for any woman in your life.

Sincerely One Angry Survivor

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